Beauty is Not Frivolous

Do you ever say to yourself that you do not need makeup to enhance your looks because all of that “stuff” is spurious.  Really?  For a time my husband insisted I look better without makeup.  I listened and stopped wearing anything that enhanced my looks.  When passing the makeup counter at Frederick and Nelson (at that time F&N existed in Seattle, now it is Marshal Field Co), I stopped to ask a beauty advisor if I were taking his words too seriously.  With a thick meditteranean accent, she threw up her hands and said “if you dont wear makeup, your husband will be looking at someone who DOES”.  That was my turning point.  I never again apologized for enhancing my features including nails.  Good grooming tells the world that you care about yourself.

Being glamorous helps all of us; from being hired for that markeing job, to marrying the man of your dreams.  Beauty


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