Blogging Syndrome

I used to believe that bloggers were synonymous with losers.   Why? Because anyone who graduated high school is able to put together sentences to express thoughts or opinions.  And everyone has opinions.

I’ll be quite honest.  I am hoping that a magazine or newsletter sees my writing and contacts me to offer me a freelance job.  I am a writer.

A while back I got my BA in English from the University of Washington.  Years later I received my MA in Theology from Fuller…..alot of research writing.

I will write about anything as demonstrated on this blog.

My forte is the fluidity with which I write.  It is difficult to give a good sample here because I specialize in non-fiction written in a literary style.

Eight chapters of a 12 chapter book are sitting in my office awaiting publication.  I wrote the start of the book after my son died in 2011.  If you read the blog about wrongful death, you’ll learn his story.

Ok Homeland is on .  Please consider my writing for your publication.

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