How to Find a Relationship: despite the tips that others give to you

So a guy named Hussey has blogged a million times about women who have been dumped, women looking for men and whatsoever.  I have a tip for you


This goes for gay, straight, lesbian and transgender; attraction to another person is as personal as your taste in fruit.  Maybe you like oranges or apples or melon or grapes.  So one theory does it all is false.

There IS one true thing:

Attraction between two persons must exist in order to move into a relationship.  Whether you start in a platonic friendship and talk about politics on his sofa or rent the nearest hotel room on day one, your chances start at 50%.

If there is mutual attraction, one of you will act on it and call the other person in a reasonable amount of time and even an UNreasonable amount of time.  This is how loose the rules are and have been for centuries.

Now, one could make an antecdotal case for purposeful seduction as Bathsheba did with David.  Wow, he was gone.  One naked bath and history changed.  Again this is not a rule for dating.  Assuming you have a great body, if you strip down and jump in a guy’s bathtub, chances are he will follow up……unless he thinks you’re a sleazy bitch in which case you might as well drown yourself in 15 inches of water.

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