On Facebook

Did you see the movie “Social Network’? If so you know part of Zuckerberg’s story.   The story is still ending.  Facebook is as natural to the population worldwide as brushing your teeth.  And what do my “friends” post on facebook? Often the postings are photos of a vacation.   Some of the postings are about the facebook poster going to the grocery.  Rarely is it information which is essential to the followers.

My rant about Facebook is this; having a site to post your daily ramblings is just ok; having a site to post your political views is incendiary.  I abhor myself for judging the posts.  I cannot help being opinionated about what my friends say on there.  Linked In gives our friends our professional status.  Blogs expound on our thoughts (if any exist in the Facebook mentality).

But as sure as the sun came up today, I will go to my facebook and scan it for GOSSIP.  I’m hoping that today there is meaningful material.  Then again Mark didnt intend for this to be a scholarly site.  It was about who is sleeping with whom, who is traveling where and yadayadayada.

I am as hooked as you are but when you sign in, expect aimless banter, some photos and a spoon that stirs an inane experience.

WAIT I take some of this back.  Today my friend who is a psychiatrist, posted the number for suicide awareness and #Iwilllisten.  We all care and now someone may see this and call the number thus avoiding a tragedy.  Thank you Sandy.

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