Placecards at a Dinner Party

Ann Coulter (eewwww who invited her?) should sit next to Arianna Huffington and next to her, her personal translator (because you know……with the accent and all).  Jon Stewart across from Arianna because he’s kind of cute and she is not bad looking as well and you just never know.   Next to Jon, on his side of the table, will be Sarah Pallin, matching IQ scores with the main dish, chicken.  Todd is of course, her sweetheart and if she sits with her husband , Jon, Ann and Arianna will need to be near a bathroom unless airsick bags are provided.

Honestly I’d love to see Thomas Friedman unfold in front of Sarah, although the evening wouldnt be complete without Pat Bucchanan’s fervor and enlightenment.  Still lacking enough bodies on the other side of the table, going clockwise, Arrianna would be absolutely fabulous next to David Frum.   Maybe she would offer him a job.

Well, with all the news coverage of Donald Trump and his shy eye for the press, he most certainly needs to be there.  Perhaps he sits at the head of the table south of Ann.  He too needs to be near the bathroom because of his hair and makeup.  His wife wont be coming because she has trouble speaking unless she rips off her husband in which case she will just appear unintelligent.  Go ahead ask her if she has read Thomas Pynchon.   Well that is not fair.  My son read it but his persistence is greater than mine.


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