How to Make a Small House Look Larger

There is no mistake that this post follows on the heels of depression.  A cluttered small space, clutters the mind and we often feel there is no way out; as if being trapped in a small cluttered hole.

First tip 1. Pick one room.  2.  take everything out of that room   Now when you go to put your things away, do you have a logical place for whatever you are housing?  Multipurpose rooms are the most difficult because you must make a logical fit for the items you are now putting away.  The rule still stands; if you haven’t used it in a year, give it away or chuck it.

3. take a large piece of paper and draw out the dimensions of the room.  If you havent taken Graphic Design, just remember we are doing a birds eye view (as opposed to a perspective in 2D) which is simple.  For the windows use double lines.  As long as you know how to read it.

All items need to be grouped together with “like’ items.  Pencils with pencils, paper with paper etc…..This is helpful when you put away your items.  Be sure to be picky about what you keep.  This is valuable real estate if your house is small, so the only things that survive a spot in the room, are usable daily or at least weekly.

From a birds eye view, arrange the areas you want to specify for a specific purpose.  For sewing pack your machine and fabrics and patterns into an organization piece of furniture and place it where you’d like to have access to your sewing.  For office items, you should have a flat desk and it does not have to be large.  4×16 is plenty.  Following the rule of “a place for everything” put all pens together, all tapes together and so on.

Now do this around the whole room planning for space to walk, to move out a chair and for a door to open.

A special tip.  I tend to collect purses , so storing them is a challenge especially if they are large.  You can buy pegboard at any hardware store or even on amazon:

The pegboard needs distance from the wall (about 1/2 inch) but most pegboards come with the spacers attached.  Buy medium length pegboard hooks and arrange them however you like.  I like to put totes together with totes an smaller purses together with smaller bags.  Most persons will not need to color sort them so that is not a problem.

The following photo is of my own purse colony lol.  It looks messy but I can always find a purse when I need it



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