How to Help Your Depression; from crafts to pets

Thus began my time in a bubble, writing about depression, home decor, books which increase an IQ, the divisiveness of politics and more.  I needed to sink my teeth into more than just a recipe or topiary comment (Family Circle although the magazine has much to offer)

My personal experience with depression is so grand I can honestly say that I’ve never been NOT depressed.  However, I smile and laugh and socialize.  Who would know right? Underneath the cheerful facade was that persistent lump in my throat.  Depressed persons know the “lump in the throat”, the imminent tearful hysteria.  And I truly believed that someone knew something I didnt know; someone knew how to rid my pscyhe of the pain,  so I purchased every self-help book available only to throw them all in the garbage and once I’d read the bible, to throw that by the wayside once my son died.

Medication seemed to be the answer for me.  It took trial and error and trial and error.  Once I could pull my head out of a private place, I began implementing Cognitive Therapeutic techniques.  Altering negative thoughts by stopping the cycle of negative rumination works.  Imagine a circle around which your mind travels.  Along the circle evenly distributed are points A, B and C, representing the adverse event, the behavior (crying/depression) and the consequence (staying in depression).  If one can interrupt that cyclic behavior before it reaches B or C, you can move forward with your day or your moment with normalcy or God forbid, joy.

Distractions are another method of controlling depression.  That is not to say that someone with major depressive disorder will stop being depressed by watching a movie.  However, it resets so to speak, the dominant negative thought.

For the average person who is sad, the condition will be temporary.  Depression is persistent and lasts more than two weeks.  Again this is simplified advice, but taking up a hobby which engages your beta mode (knitting, crocheting), might help to keep a person’s mind on an even wave.   Sewing was a great distraction as well as something I could look forward to through the day.

Lastly, those who suffer loss (and we all do and we all will), in the long run end up with a hole in the heart.  If it is possible, look into a beautiful little teacup puppy whom you can take with you wherever you go.  I put Sophie’s head on my heart and it takes away the coldness of the hole.  Nothing but the sight of my son could fill the hole.  But getting a pet, is an acheivable relationship.




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